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This Won't Work!

I recently received this ad for a conflict resolution seminar in my inbox. I'm not going to say which company it comes from, but I include it here because it is the exact opposite of my approach.

Never again fall victim to those who love to make life miserable for the rest of us ...

  • You'll learn why they act the way they do.
  • You'll find out exactly what to say and do in specific situations.
  • You'll become less of a target for their barbs and antics
  • You'll see how to bring out the best in even the worst offenders.

Attend this seminar and gain the communication skills you need to "de-stress" all of your difficult relationships, on the job and off.

This is a day of intensive training with immediate payback ...
Learn to take the offensive against know-it-alls, dictators, snipers, gripers, "yes" people, "no" people, and all of the other contrary characters you confront every day.

The Maximum Advantage philosophy is:

  • You are not a victim. We show you how to take control, not "go on the offensive."
  • People don't "love to make life miserable" for you. If you adopt this belief, why even bother to try to solve problems?
  • You are better off to learn a framework and principles that will work in all situations, not just a set of rules for specific situations.
  • People are not "offenders", they are simply doing what brings them results. Learn what motivates them and give it to them in a more constructive way.
  • Putting people into categories is inaccurate and counter productive.

You will you get dramatically better results by not assigning blame and accepting responsibility for the results of the communication than you will by being a victim and blaming others for being "contrary characters"!

Join us at one of our workshops and learn a system that will benefit you forever.


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