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Non Verbal Communication

Indications of Action Orientation

Body language is crucial for anyone who wants to project an action orientation. You have no doubt experienced the impact that someone can have simply by entering a room. People who are goal-oriented and highly motivated are not only be recognized by how they speak... their actions actually speak louder and more effectively than their words.

  • If they are standing still, they place their thumbs in their pockets and leave their other fingers exposed.
  • They walk at a fast rate while swinging their arms loosely.
  • They put their hands on their hips, usually with legs apart. 
  • They walk with hands on their hips.

Other non verbal communication body language cues:

Interested •  Open To Agreement  • Thinking •  Action Orientation  • Defensive  
Hiding Something  • Lying  • Boredom  • Excitement  • Confidence Power  •  Authority 
Anger  •  NervousnessTensionDoubtPride Needs Reassurance

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