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Caution About Non Verbal Communication and Body Language

Every person has a unique body language so be careful not to make decisions based solely on body langauge. Make sure that you take into account the situation, words, and voice tones that are part of the overall communication.

Here are some examples:

  • Although silence usually denotes that an individual is reserved and relaxed, some people keep their anger within themselves and stay quiet. 
  • A wide open mouth may indicate shock or astonishment for one person, while another person who performs this gesture could just be concentrating intently on a task he’s doing.
  • Constantly touching the mouth may indicate lying, although the real reason might just be that the mouth is itching.

Be sure to watch out for other signals that match with the body language being exhibited.

Be aware of the body language, but also combine your observations with the spoken words to get more hints regarding the inner feelings of another. Use this power to your advantage.

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