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Non Verbal Communication

Indications of Anger

Indications of Resistance

Many people rarely let their anger go out of control. They are more likely to restrain their raging emotions. You must therefore be able to recognize any gesture that signifies wrath or resistance to prevent any possible chances of the fireworks exploding. Here are some hints: 

  • Their fists are clenched.
  • Their hands or feet are tapping.
  • One hand is clutching the other hand, arm, or elbow.
  • Their arms are crossed over the chest.
  • Their eyes are blinking constantly.
  • Collar pulled away from the neck, like letting some air in during a hot day in the summer.
  • They kick the dust or air.
  • Their arms are vertically placed on the table while the hands are gripping the edge. Beware when they do this because it might mean something like “You better get this done or else!” or “Better listen or you’ll regret this!”

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