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Non Verbal Communication

Indications That Someone Is Defensive

Indications That Someone May Be Hiding Something

While someone may not tell a lie with their mouth, certain non verbal gestures could indicate that people are hiding something they don’t want others to find out. Here are three body language clues that may indicate taht someone has something to hide.

  • They walk with their hands in their pockets.
  • They cross their arms.
  • They hide their hands any way they can.

In all cases, don't rely entirely on body language. Be sure to evaluate other indicators such as situation, words, and voice tones.

Other non verbal communication body language cues:

Interested •  Open To Agreement  • Thinking •  Action Orientation  • Action Orientation
Lying  • Boredom  • Excitement  • Confidence Power  •  Authority 
Anger  •  NervousnessTensionDoubtPride Needs Reassurance

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