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About Paul Endress

Paul Endress is a nationally recognized expert in the application of psychology to business and specializes in all aspects of communication inlcuding conflict resolution, motivation, persuasion, and team synergy.paul endress communication authority

Paul is the creator of The Everything Principleā„¢ and is the founder and president of Maximum Advantage, a company dedicated to human capital solutions by encouraging, promoting, and supporting the professional and personal growth of each individual employee through easy-to-master communication methods.

During his extensive business career, Paul has established nine companies, including DataTech Software which created a top-ten-selling software program covered in the Wall Street Journal and other business publications. His commentaries and expert strategies on communication, hiring and retention have been quoted and published by such A-list media as the New York Times, USA TODAY, Entrepreneur and Forbes.

By combining this experience with study, research and real life business observation, Paul has developed a unique approach to solving the challenges of conducting outstanding business in the twenty-first century.

You can find out more at www.paulendress.com

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