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Indications of Confidence / Authority / Power

People with a high degree of self-confidence are normally more likely to be successful than those who have low self-esteem. Moreover, those who exhibit authority or dominance usually come out on top because they subconsciously make other people feel weaker. So how do they move? 

  • They maintain firm eye contact and rarely looks on other body parts underneath the nose.
  • They speak with a low-pitched, slow-paced, downward-inflected voice.
  • Chin tilted upwards.
  • Chest projected outwards.
  • They maintain an erect posture, whether standing or sitting.
  • They sit in reverse, with the back of the chair serving as their support or shield. People who sit in this position are known to be bossy and aggressive.
  • Their hands are clenched behind the back.
  • Their hands are placed beside the hips.
  • Their feet are on top of the table.
  • They have a firm handshake, palms pointing downwards.
  • They lean back with both hands supporting the head.
  • They move with precision and with no hesitation. 
  • They walk solidly with forceful arm swings. 
  • They join the fingertips of both hands together (small finger of both hands joined together, ring finger of both hands joined together, and so on). Palms of both hands are not in contact with each other. The higher the hands are elevated, the more confident they are.
  • They extend one leg over the arm of a chair they’re sitting in. When they do this, it may also mean that they are apathetic, disinterested, or unconcerned. They may be exhibiting the “I don’t care” attitude. 

Moreover, you can declare your domination over other people by rising or elevating yourself from them. It is not unusual to see taller people being in control over the situation. Choose a chair or location where other people will have to “look up” on you. They will subconsciously think they are weaker and can easily be manipulated.

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