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Selling in a "bad" economy

I'll leave it the experts to tell us whether we are in a "bad" economy right now or not... at Maximum Advantage we have decided not to participate.

The fact is that people are still buying things.

If the economy is down by 5% that means that people are still spending $95 instead of $100. Let's concentrate on what is being spent, not what isn't being spent... and then let's go out and capture more than our fair share of those dollars.

It's not that people aren't buying cars - because they are. It's just that they are buying less cars.

Your job as a professional sales person is to make sure that whatever amount of money that is being spent is being spent with you, not with one of your competitors or on some other type of product.

We recently closed a deal where there was supposedly no money available for 2009.

After we tilted the value proposition in our favor, they felt compelled to buy what we were selling rather than the new office chairs they were planning on buying and the budget changed. I'm sure that the office chair sales person was disappointed, but I'm moving ahead with my business, not waiting for things to "get better."

How to sell more right now

Now more than ever, understanding the subtle psychological processes at work during the sales process are critically important for you to survive and even flourish during these "bad" times.

I invite you to decide along with us that you are not going to participate in the "bad economy!"

Here's detailed information that explains how to sell more right now.

Times have changed

Those companies that are continuing to doing things the same way that things have always been done (such as GM, Chrysler, Circuit City) are being trampled by the competition and going out of business.

In some cases, buying habits seem to have been permanently changed. For example, in retail it's possible that people will be so used to discounts that they will never be willing to go back to paying list price.

Your selling and persuasion strategies have to change to keep up with the changes in the marketplace. People are no longer willing to be "sold", but are just as easy as ever to persuade if they don't recognize your techniques as being "sales" techniques.

This is where Persuasion Dynamix™ comes in and gives you the edge that you need to sell as much as you want... even in today's more difficult environment.

Personalization is here to stay

Generational and technological changes have created a marketplace where people are used to having things customized for them, and this is the key to super charging your sales numbers despite what the media says about the economy.

You must discover exactly what motivates each person and instantly customize your presentation to match their perspective. If you use the old cookie cutter approach, you will be thrown onto the pile of failed companies that is accumulating along the side of the road.

Here's exactly how to instantly customize your message for each person.



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