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Non Verbal Communication

Knowing If Someone Is Open To Agreement

Whether you are selling a product or presenting an idea, it is useful to be able to detect if other people are in agreement with you and body language will let you know what they are thinking even if they aren't saying anything.

When you develop this ability it will help you to succeed because you can change your approach early enough to adjust to the reaction that you are getting.

There are certain hints to indicate if people are more receptive in accepting your ideas. Some of these are:

  • Their hands are flat on the table.
  • Their palms are open.
  • If they're stroking their chin, they're thinking and may agree with you after careful evaluation.
  • Their heads are inclined forward.
  • They are nodding their heads. 
  • Their legs are spaced out from each other.
  • They smile frequently.
  • They unbutton their jackets. This indicates friendliness and willingness to collaborate with you.   
  • Their hands are open. This also indicates genuineness.

In all cases, don't rely entirely on body language. Be sure to evaluate other indicators such as situation, words, and voice tones.

Other non verbal communication body language cues:

Interested Thinking  • Frustration DismayAction Orientation  • Defensive  
Hiding Something  • Lying  • Boredom  • Excitement  • Confidence Power  •  Authority 
Anger  •  NervousnessTensionDoubtPride Needs Reassurance

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