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Non Verbal Communication

Indications Someone Is Thinking

Of course people think all the time, and body language can give you clues to what they are thinking?

Here are some body language actions and the type of thinking they indicate:

 Action Meaning
 Stroking their chin

This means they are assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal/idea being presented.

They take their glasses off, after which they may either (1) clean them, or (2) put the tip of the frame in their mouth They are buying themselves some time to think things over. A frame in the mouth would also likely indicate that they need more details and they are willing to listen.
Pinching the bridge of the nose. Most linkely with eyes closed People doing this are engaged in very deep thought and may be involved in a difficult situation. It is likely that they are aware of the consequences that may occur as a result of making the decision.
Palm below the chin, index finger pointed and extended along the cheek, while other fingers placed beneath the mouth. This gesture most likely indicates thoughts that are criticizing or antagonizing other people.
Walking with the head down and hands behind the back People who walk this way are probably worried about their problems, and they are thinking of ways to solve them.

In all cases, don't rely entirely on body language. Be sure to evaluate other indicators such as situation, words, and voice tones.

Other non verbal communication body language cues:

InterestedOpen To Agreement  • Frustration  • Dismay • Action Orientation  • Defensive 
Hiding Something  • Lying  • Boredom  • Excitement  • Confidence  • Power  • Authority 
Anger  • Nervousness • Tension • Doubt • Pride  • Needs Reassurance

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