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Introduction to Negotiation

When we hear the word “negotiation” most of us think of high-powered deals being hammered out: a powerful sport figure’s agent demanding more money for his client, a peace accord in the Middle East, or a pay increase for the teacher’s union. The atmosphere is tense, the players are tough, and the stakes are high

The reality is that negotiation is not limited to these high profile situations. Most of us negotiate several times each day!

We have to negotiate every day with family, friends, colleagues, or clients. We negotiate with our spouse about where to go for dinner. We negotiate with our child about bedtime, TV time, and allowances.

How would you define negotiation?

definition of negotiation Negotiation is the process we use to satisfy our needs when someone else controls what we want.
definition of negotiation

Negotiation is a way of getting what you want from others.

definition of negotiation Negotiation is a method of helping each party achieve their objectives

How else could we define negotiation? 

What other words might we use instead of “negotiate”?

  • Bargain
  • Haggle
  • Dicker
  • Mediate
  • Barter

Any method of negotiation may be fairly judged by three criteria:

  1. It should produce a wise agreement if agreement is possible.
  2. It should be efficient.
  3. It should improve or at least not damage the relationship between the parties.

Become An Effective Negotiator

Here are links to more information that will help you to become an effective negotiator.


  • Methods of effective negotiation
    Negotiation can be categorized in different ways. This page describes and explains different methods of effective negotiation.
  • How to negotiate effectively
    Effective negotiations are made more difficult by lack of understanding about how to negotiate effectively. This page explains how to negotiate effectively and provides several examples.


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