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Persuasion Secrets

Even if you're not in "sales" you still need to persuade people to adopt your ideas. Based upon our research, here are six key things to learn about how to persuade people.

You will these secrets and much more in our Persuasion Dynamix program.

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Everyone sees the world differently.

This may sound obvious, but...

Have you ever wondered why two people can witness the same automobile accident, yet each person tells the police officer a different story about what actually occurred?

Or, have you ever wondered why one person reacts to your presentation favorably while another stares at you blankly?

The answer lies in how each person views the world.

Each of us has a unique set of values, beliefs, and past experiences that color how we interpret events. These three factors create our “personal perspective.”

No matter how similar a group of people may seem to be, their individual perspectives will be very different.

To be successful in sales or marketing you must discover each person's perspective and adapt your message to match it. When you attend Persuasion Dynamix, we will show you exactly how to do it!


sales marketing persuasion seminar workshop People seek to align with their values  

Simply put, a "value" is what a person believes to be important.

Each person's values are arranged in a hierarchy with the most important value on the top and the least important value on the bottom. Our research has revealed that people will always seek out their highest value on the hierarchy.

Here's a list of values (things that could be important) for choosing a restaurant:

  • Nutrition
  • Variety of food
  • Cleanliness
  • Rest room comfort
  • Location / Convenience
  • Quality of food
  • Service
  • Decor
  • Ambience
  • Price

Now let's take this same list of values and arrange them in order for two different people (remember: the order is key!):

Even though James and Susan each share exactly the same list of values regarding restaurants, they are likely to make completely different choices because the order of their values is different.

On most occasions, Susan will pick a restaurant that is close and inexpensive, while James is willing to travel to get what he considers to be high quality food and good service.

From this example, you can see exactly how this secret works.

When you attend Persuasion Dynamix™, we will show you exactly how to use this secret of the persuasion professionals to work for you to send your sales into the stratosphere.


sales marketing persuasion seminar workshop Everyone uses a "strategy" when making a buying decision... even if they don't know what it is!  

A person's strategy is the steps that they go through when making a purchase decision. Here's an example strategy for James that reflects his values structure for selecting a restaurant:

  1. Read restaurant reviews online and in the local newspaper .
  2. Talk to friends to find out if they have ever eaten at one of the restaurants.
  3. Arrive at the restaurant and ask to see the menu.
    • He is fully prepared to leave if he doesn't see anything he thinks he will like.
    • He only looks at the price column after he has verified the food choices.
    • He may not ask for the menu if the decor is not appealing.

Susan's strategy:

  1. Look around for the nearest fast food restaurant.
sales marketing persuasion seminar workshop People buy from people they like  

Whether you are a salesperson making face-to-face sales calls, a telemarketer on the phone, or a marketing executive trying to attract business to your company, this is critical.

There's an old saying "all things being equal, people buy from people they like. All things not being equal, people buy from people they like."


sales marketing persuasion seminar workshop Tilt the value proposition  

Each person has an internal value proposition that balances the perceived value of what you are selling against the perceived cost.

When the perceived value exceeds the perceived cost, you have a sale!


value proposition

sales marketing persuasion seminar workshop Get the slight edge  

The real masters of marketing and persuasion use dozens of additional special techniques to give them a slight edge that they use to overwhelm their competitors and drive dozens of hungry buyers into their arms.

If you think a slight edge is meaningless, think again. After all, in the Olympics, the difference between those who win the gold and those who win the silver is often just a few hundredths of a second or a fraction of a point.

Everybody remembers Michael Phelps who won the gold in the Olympics... no one knows or cares who came in second.

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