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Non Verbal Communication

Indications of Doubt

It’s sometimes difficult to assume whether you are being regarded as a trustworthy person, or you are being thought of as someone who is full of nonsense. Here are some clues that may indicate suspicion:

  • They glimpse sideways from the corner of one eye.
  • They are rubbing or touching their eyes or ears.
  • Their hands are tucked in their pockets.
  • Their arms are crossed over the chest.
  • Their glasses are dropped to the lower bridge of the nose, with eyes peering over them. This movement may indicate that you are being examined closely (to the point that you get conscious).
  • There’s one act you usually do when you are the one doubting yourself - rubbing or touching your nose. This subconsciously occurs when you are uncertain of how to answer a critical question or when you are concerned of other people’s reaction to your answer.

Indications of Suspicion


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