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Communication Styles In Relationships

For both men and women, romantic relationships present some of the most difficult communication challenges that we face. In both dating and established relationships, communication is the key to developing and preserving the companionship, love, and belonging that we all need to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Research which began in the 1940s and continues today has revealed there are four major styles of communication. Some people combine two of these styles, but we all have a dominant natural style of communication that we prefer to use.

The good news is that people in each style group tend to react in a rather predictable way when faced with the circumstances and situations of life and this consistency provides us with a framework that can be used to refine and improve communication in personal relationships.

Because each of these styles has its own strengths and weaknesses and it is important to realize that no style is superior or inferior to others.

  • Communication style assessment so you can discover your style
  • Included survey reveals your preferred style
  • Learn how each style views relationships
  • Uncover how each style interacts with the others
  • Find out how to communicate most effectively with the other styles
  • Specific dating advice for each style

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