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Persuasion Video Previews

Here are some resources to introduce myself to your organization. Let's talk about your specific outcome at your earliest convenience.

Performance Videos

Here is a sample of a stage performance. This 40 minute video is an edit of a three hour persuasion program done for a group accounting practice managers and will give you a good demonstration of my presentation style. One of the video testimonials below (Ben Haskell of Warren Avertt) is from someone who attended this event and then had me in to speak to the partners at their firm.

There are some shorter videos below.


Here's twenty minutes of a workshop where I move 200 people around the room to help them discover their similarities and differences. While this isn't directly related to persuasion and sales, it demonstrates how I can work with a large room.



This is a quick interaction with someone I calll onto the stage for a demonstration.




Here's a video that shows a workshop participant making an important discovery. Learning comes from discovery, not telling.



Here's what some clients have had to say about my programs.

Warren Avertt - Birmingham Alabama

Select Rehab - Offsite Workshop

Hallogen Software - Ottowa Canada

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A few more testimonials... 

"This is what can make or break a company. Excellent conference!" --Susan Sheradon, Gulf Coast Symposium on Human Resource Issues participant
"Quite honestly, the conference was so much more than I expected." --Aida Rodriguez, Astigarraga Davis
"Exceptional. Energetic and informative." --Hermina Batson, Vice President, The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Ltd.
"I cannot think of a single thing that would have improved this program!" --William Jackson, Toastmasters International Convention participant
"Keep doing what you're doing. These types of sessions really work!" --Andrea B., Assistant Director of HR, LIM College
"We were extremely pleased and impressed with the material you presented, your expertise; and most importantly, the response I received from my group." --Elizabeth Alvarez, HR Manager, Surrex Solutions Corporation
"Paul Endress is the best. He is funny, informative, witty and instructive." --Chere Estrin, Ph.D., Estrin LegalEd
"Excellent. I've never heard these theories before." --Joy Mallory, Vice President, Colony Advisors LLC
"I have no suggestions that would make this program better. It was great!" --MPI Conference participant
"This helped me understand why I don't communicate well with others and now I know what to do to fix that!" --Lana Landess, Nelson Mullins
"I thoroughly enjoyed this! Paul is funny and informative." --O.J. Evans, Williams & Connolly
"Wonderful! Very informational, fresh, new and different! I learned so much!" --Janice Ferragamo, Liberty Mutual
"Very good!" --Rodney Coffen, Leonard, Street & Deinard
"Excellent!" --Heather Howard, Zuckerman Spaeder
"Great style and humor." Gulf Coast Symposium on Human Resource Issues participant
"Thank you for everything! This was my one and only conference this year and I certainly made the right choice." --Toastmasters International Convention participant
"Our audiences give him the highest possible ratings. And I must tell you, we have very finicky audiences!" --Chere Estrin, Ph.D., Estrin LegalEd
"Okay, one suggestion...I wish it would have been longer!" --Patricia Mansuy, MPI Conference participant
"Experiential part fun--great for this group, lots of content and very useful!" -- Heather Young, Los Angeles ASTD Conference participant
"Great presentation! Very interactive!" --HR Southwest Human Resources Conference and Exposition participant
"No suggestions to make this better...this was a great session to stay engaged during and Paul did a great job." --Ann Rackas, MPI Conference participant
"Thought provoking presentation, audience participant kept all awake." --Charles Staulb, Oklahoma SHRM Leadership Conference
"You provided our members with an understanding of how communication plays an important role in making our agents more productive in their business and less stressful in their personal lives." --Sandy Haney, CEO, Monterey County Association of REALTORS
"I found Paul's material and sense of humor the most useful and the most enjoyable part of this session." --CALA Spring Conference and Trade Show participant
"It was amazing to learn the different technique for knowing my audience. It was truly revealing!" --Aida Rodriguez, Astigarraga Davis
"Great speaker! Enjoy the presentation immensely!" --Conference participant
"Good job...this works for me!" --Kristina Orbson, Assistant Dean of Admissions, LIM College
"Paul, you were very interesting. I liked your real-life examples." --Rebecca Prince, Conference participant
"Keep up the good work." --Jessica Smeltz, Production Supervisor
"Good information and presentation." --Danette Rugg, Conference participant
"Nicely done -- good workshop. Great tools." --Bobbi Billman, Executive Assistant/HR Manager
"You are an engaging speaker. Very interactive. Great workshop!" --Conference participant
"Keep up the good work!" --John Deitzel, Technical Operation Manager
"I thought it was very informative, fast faced and interesting!" --Patrick Baudouin, Conference participant
"The highlight of the day for me was the interactive exercises and applying what was being discussed." --Adam Cunningham, Engineer
"Everything I learned is useful in some way or another!" --Anita Williams, Conference participant
"Excellent job of adjusting content on the fly to the needs of the group." --Walter Kruger, Line Manager
"The activities were a great way to keep the seminar fun." -- Brent Halpin, HR Manager
"I think everything I learned is useful. Great job!" --Conference participant
"Good job - nice presentation!" --Kelli Spackman, HR Manager
"The presentation went very well and was very engaging. The most useful thing I learned was how to read other people." --Courtney Metz, LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae
"Very generous with information!" --Gulf Coast Symposium on Human Resource Issues participant
"Paul's skills were great - he was down to earth, funny, and in control of his topic and the participants." --Aida Rodriguez
"Most excellent!" --Toastmasters International Convention participant
"Enlightening and useful in real life." --Joy Mallory, Vice President, Colony Advisors LLC
"Great presentation! Kept my attention and taught me good communication skills." --Lynn Powell, Senior Paralegal
"I actually found the 'dessert' bonus of matching my breathing to the other person to be invaluable." --Dan Robinson, Strategic Account Manager, RLS Legal Solutions
"Excellent! I found that knowing how to understand other people's rep systems to be the most useful." --Claudia Bixler, Senior Legal Analyst, Freddie Mac
"Very good! Easy to listen to and great exercises. Not too much or too little information...just right!" --Marge Little, Konica Minolta
"Great presentation. Paul presented skills I need in dealing with people from a wide range of backgrounds." --Sheri Rider, TD Williamson, Inc.
"Paul was very interesting and entertaining. Would like to have a longer time." --Cheryl Smiley, The Southern Co.
"Very good presentation. The most valuable things I learned will help me communicate better with my coworkers. Would have liked more time with Paul." --Patricia Orlowski, Bryan Cave
"I rate this program a 5 out of 5!" --Deborah McMennamy, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
"Excellent presentation!" --Kendall Grier, Federal Home Loan Bank of NY
"Very good! He was not only entertaining but also informative." --Cira Georgiou, Tyco International (US) Inc.
"Excellent! Infomative and funny!" --Marsha Fisher, The Related Companies
"Great presentation! I enjoyed it very much and learned so much!" --Monica Hall, Cendant Corporation
"Very interesting! Great job! Great interaction, upbeat personality. Kept me interested...funny too! --Karen Quintana, Hartz Trading, Inc.
"Great! Useful information and good handouts." --Martha Sherry, Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom
"Excellent. Informative and funny presentation of material really works. I'd love to see more!" --Marie Georges, New Plan Excel Realty Trust
"The most useful things I learned during this program are the smile trick, repeating select words from conversations, and the use of the magic word." --Joy Mallory, Vice President, Colony Advisors LLC
"Excellent. Entertaining and informative. I really enjoyed the poker "dessert." --Rona Sullivan, Blyth, Inc.
"Excellent. I learned so many new strategies!" --Elizabeth Fredrickson, Jones Walker
"Excellent! This is useful in every day life - personal and professional. I especially liked the eye contact info." --Diane Beattie, Otis Elevator Company
"Quite informative and enlightening! I learned a lot about myself! Very comical too... The best part however was how to effectively read people better." --Patty Miller, Bose McKinney & Evans
"Very good. Easy to listen to. Very fun and informative. Funny and enjoyable." --Jenna Dandusevski, Financial Federal Corp.
"Excellent. Lots of useful information." --John Livingston, Contracts Administrator, Tennant Company
"Very impressive class. Good examples that were very useful. Need a longer time with this." --Gulf Coast Symposium on Human Resource Issues participant
"The highlight of the day for me was finding out how to better communicate with my boss." --Jessica Smeltz, Production Supervisor
"The most useful thing I learned was the what and how (and not why) for negotiation with customers and employees." --Troy Packman, Fabricator/Owner
"The best part for me was working in groups and learning about conflict resolution." --South Central PA Manufacturing Association Seminar participant
"Everything was useful. Even the things that were not completely new to me reinforced or reminded me of things I know but have forgotten - many items were new to me and they will fit very well with what we want to do in our company." --Bobbi Billman, Executive Assistant/HR Manager
"The most useful thing I learned today was conflict resolution. I need this in multiple aspects of my life." --South Central PA Manufacturing Association Seminar participant
"I learned that I need to start listening better to other people that I come into contact with and with the techniques I learned today I know I can change." --John Deitzel, Technical Operation Manager
"The highlight of the day for me was learning about diffusing confrontation and the power of mirroring." --Dave Sieglitz, Engineering Manager
"Good presentation, good information. I liked the way Paul revisted the value hierarchy throughout the presentation." --Mike Billman, Manufacturing Manager
"I loved the interactive sessions. And it surprised me to find out that there are some easy to use and implement techniques for changing people's value hierarchy and building rapport." --Conference participant
"You succeeded in reaching out to people with all different learning styles and help us all find a common ground." --South Central PA Manufacturing Association Seminar participant
"I could have listened to you for hours and hours more." --Conference participant
"I loved the interactivity format...I wish all the workshops I attend would be like this one!" --Conference participant
"Excellent workshop. Great learning!" --Toastmasters International Convention participant
"Everything about this workshop is great!" --Emily Day, Workshop participant
"This workshop is awesome!" --Jason Winger, Workshop participant
"Fabulous! Thank you, thank you! I can use this information everywhere!" --William Ohl, Workshop participant
"Very entertaining and informative." --Therese Thomas, Workshop participant
"Will I be attending more of Paul's workshops? You betcha!" --Debbie Smithson, Workshop participant
"Paul has lots of enthusiasm on stage. He presents great information, uses excellent examples, and the interactivity is unlike anything I've ever experienced in a workshop. This is great!" --Gerald Heighster, Workshop participant
"Paul is sensible and articulate. Great workshop." -- Jared Palmer, Workshop participant
"This was the best workshop I've ever attended!!!!!" --Toastmasters International Convention participant
"Fantastic energy! Great commercials used to make his points...very entertaining and informative. Thank you! --Matthew Costello, Workshop participant
"He was awesome. Period!" --Toastmasters International Convention participant
"This was a tremendous presentation!" --Robyn Patterson, Workshop participant
"I would really like more time with Paul to expand on the theories he presented here today...exceptional workshop!" --Abhay Narayan, Workshop participant
"He was really interesting and entertaining. I wish all my workshops had presenters like Paul!" --Richard Cassell, Workshop participant
"Paul... this was a most excellent presentation!" --Donnee Komisar, Workshop participant
"It was the most fun I've ever had at a workshop, and I learned more than I thought I ever would. I highly recommend Paul." --John Edward Long, Workshop participant
"You have to promise to bring him back! He was fantastic!" --Jade Powell, Toastmasters International Convention participant
"I wish more workshops were like the one given by Paul Endress. Well done!" --Amy Tillotson, Workshop participant
"Excellent presenter. Invaluable information." --Anthony Stever, Workshop participant
"I'm not the same person leaving this workshop as I was when I first got here. I'm better and I will be different in my communication from now on." --Diane McKillop, Workshop participant
"Thank you so much - your seminar, although very brief, was clear and applicable to the business world in many ways. In addition, this is something that everyone should know for their personal lives! --Anita Patel, Children's National Medical Center
"Simple but pertinent." --Tom McKay, RCN - Chicago
"Great information. Conflict is always difficult." --Bonni Jackson, Life Care Center of Wichita
"Good information - would have loved more time focusing on the hierarchy of values." --Ginger Culver, Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
"Great presentation. I look forward to the next one. Thanks!!!" --Fatima Collins, ACRP
"Very informative well organized presentation." --Jane Bos, MT Department of Transportation
"Very illuminating, and really clarified some observations I had made recently about how very differently individuals with whom I have worked have responded to identical approaches. Some very powerful tools for management." --Sandra Graham, National Research Council
"The highlight of the workshop for me was to be with so many intelligent people from all different kinds of careers and realize that we all have the same problems. And Paul helped us come up with excellent strategies to solve them! The interactive exercises were very meaningful for me." --Workshop participant
"I learned how to work better with groups of people who are different." --Kristina Orbson, Assistant Dean of Admissions, LIM College
"I learned that people are different -- not wrong." --Jasmine Mashouf, Workshop participant
"My whole department attended the workshop, and it was enlightening to see how my coworkers classified themselves in the matrix because it was quite different than how I perceived them. The lessons and exercises Paul presented helped me a lot with working through this. I think we will all work together better when we return to the office." Lawrence Good, --Workshop participant
"Paul's presentations are enjoyable for those attending. Participants are enthusiastic about Paul's workshops. His material is enlightening and comprehensive. Because the program is experiential people walk away with a greater sense of understaning." --Chere Estrin, Ph.D., Estrin LegalEd
"With the use of interactive role playing coupled with your excellent teaching skills, our members gave teh presentation high marks." --Sandy Haney, CEO, Monterey County Association of REALTORS
"Your message and skills really inspired my employees to look at ways to better communicate with each other and with our customers. As you know, one of our salespeople left the meeting to take a call and when he used some of the skills he had just learned from you, he closed the deal!" --Elizabeth Alvarez, HR Manager, Surrex Solutions Corporation
"Great speaker - kept my attention." --MPI Conference participant
"Paul was awesome!" --Nadine Hopkins, Workshop participant

"Fantastic speaker! Great topic! It was a little different, more interactive, than I expected, but it worked perfectly. I learned so much!" --Margo KomenarWorkshop participant

"I found the idea of "systems" very interesting. Paul did a great job of demonstrating and explaining his ideas. He kept it fast and funny. I liked to experiential stuff too." --Ted Maher, Workshop participant

"Wonderful! I wish the "desserts" could have been part of the main workshop because I had to leave to catch my plane!" --Alexander Kleanthous, Workshop participant


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