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Why Our Solutions Work

Maximum Advantage effective communication solutions work because they model the most successful communicators of all time and combine their skills with recent discoveries in the fields of psychology and linguistics. We then show you how to easily apply them to the challenges of your personal and business life.

Through years of research, we have painstakingly uncovered the mysteries of

We've dissected the communication methods of the most influential people of the past 100 years...

  • CEO's
  • Politicians
  • Sales champions
  • Preachers
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists

... and condensed them into this powerful framework.

successful communication, sales, marketing, and persuasion by studying the greatest communicators of all time and now we have condensed the best of what we learned into our revolutionary seminars, keynotes and workshops.

If you have ever wanted to understand why people (including yourself) do what they do, this is it!

We started with...

We started by studying professional speakers and politicians such as Kennedy, Gandhi, Mandella, Lincoln, and Churchill.

Then we expanded...

Then we expanded our research to include the greatest sales people of all time including Powers, Zigler, Gitomer, and Lewis.

Then we added...

We added in the secrets used by great preachers like Martin Luther King Jr., and business leaders like Edison, Ford, and Welch.

Finally we wrapped it all in the most advanced communication methods used by internationally known  psychologists and therapists such as Bandler and Erickson.

And to make it easily accessible to you, we condensed it all into an easy-to-understand framework that you will use to solve any communication, sales, marketing, or persuasion problem. 

And pour gasoline on the fires of opportunity.

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