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How To Change Minds

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Whether you are selling products or ideas, you are going to encounter objections... the other persons reasons why they can't do what you want them to do. This video explains exactly how to counter objections and change minds. Enjoy!


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Effective Communication Self-Study Course

Recorded live in the fall of 2009, this is the "best of" Paul's live events and includes two bonus disks not available anywhere else.   

Here's how you will benefit:
Get what you want out of life when you learn how to discover and use the unconscious strategies and criteria that people are using to make their decisions
Become more valuable in your job and earn more money by becoming the "go to" person in pressure situations
Get clients & customers to buy  from you and leave your competitors standing in the dust

Resolve conflict  and create harmony wherever you go

Negotiate like a pro  and get what you want at home and at work

Lead a team that out performs all others and get the recognition you deserve

Know exactly how to motivate anyone  , anywhere, at anytime

Enjoy fulfilling relationships  both at work and at home
Easily  persuade people  to adopt your ideas and plans

Turn email into a powerful competitive edge  by understand why it goes wrong and adopting a easy-to-use five step system for turning it to your advantage

Make sure that people instantly "get it"  by using the power of the unconscious mind to bypass natural prejudices and filters

Get the edge in negotiations  when you learn the "confidence physiology" that instantly conveys to everyone around you that you are a confident person. Tip: The difference is only one inch!

Motivate anyone   (including yourself) by discovering the one reason why people do what they do... and I'll reveal the ten top-level universal motivations that few people are aware of.

Make it easy for people to adopt your ideas  by using the incredibly powerful but subtle question techniques that we teach on the third disk.  Tip: There is one word that you never want to begin a question with, yet most people do it all the time.

Resolve problems and conflict  by mastering the 'personal perspective' that explains and solves even the most difficult behaviors

Effortlessly get results from even the most difficult people

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Here's what you get:
  Eight CD's including exclusive effective communication strategies not available anywhere else. $297
  Bonus CD #1 - Discovering and setting your own values will show you how to resolve inner conflict and motivate yourself. Regular $27.
  Bonus CD #2 - Solving your biggest communication challenge using Paul's exclusive multi-stage process to lead you to discover the solution to your biggest problem. Regular $27.


Fifty five page workbook to make sure you remember what you learn. Usually available only at live events!

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