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Over the past decade I have worked with tens of thousands of people to solve their challenges. Based upon these years of research, study, and practice, I have created these self-study products as inexpensive solutions that allow you to get the benefits of the training without the expense of attending a live event.

Each course is backed by my 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't delighted, keep the course and I'll give you your money back!


  • Sales & Persuasion
  • Relationships
  • Business Strategies  

Sales and Persuasion DVD's

How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anywhere At Anytime!

How to help people adopt your ideas and buy your products  

Everybody Is Always Selling 

Even if you are not a professional salesperson who makes a living by selling, you are constantly engaged in getting others to adopt your ideas and see things your way… and it’s not easy. People are more resistant to persuasion than ever before, so you must create win/win solutions that give everyone what they want the most (even if they don’t know what it is.) 

The good news is that whether it’s getting a child to clean up their room, your co-workers to adopt your ideas, or your boss to give you a raise, the strategies you use are the same and once you understand exactly why people buy you can instantly craft a proposition that wins them over. 

·         Understand how the perceived cost / perceived benefit balance works and how to massively influence it 

·         The only seven words you need to know to find out exactly how to persuade anyone about anything 

·         How to get people to volunteer to buy your products or ideas 

·         How to use my counter-intuitive method instantly dissolve any objection without an argument 

·         Why you must give people what they really want even if they don’t know what it is 

Nobody wants to be sold, but people love to buy!

 How To Sell Anything To Anybody

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Using Questions For Influence

The secret of managing people is to have them adopt your ideas and think that the idea was theirs. Watch as I show a group of professionals how to use questions to have others solve problems with ideas that you would never have thought of... and that get instant buy in.

  • The two words that easily lead people to where you want them to go
  • The one word that should never begin a sentence (and that you almost certainly use all of the time)
  • How to eliminate objections and dissolve resistance to your ideas
  • An easy way to turn any statement into a question using 'tags"
  • How and when to use "... or not" to reduce pressure and "... yet" to increase pressure
  • What to do when people won't answer your question. Yes... this works for teenagers!
  • How to be friendly an playful so that people enjoy your questions
  • The five primary information gathering question types and when to use each one

Using Questions For Influence

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How To Create Instant Rapport

Helping People Be Receptive To You and Your Message 

People like people who are like them

All you have to do is identify and adapt yourself to the communication preferences of the other person(s), and watch as all of your business and personal relationships become easier. Everyone you encounter has personal preferences which they are probably unaware of, and this DVD show you how to discover and use these preferences to quickly build relationships and get your point across in even the most difficult situations. 

·         The four primary preferences that underlie all communication and why it is crucial that you deliver your message in a way that is easy for others to receive 

·         How to use body language to create a positive relationship in three minutes or less 

·         Secrets that advertisers have been using for fifty years to win you over… and how you can use these same methods to your advantage 

·         The little known shortcut that allows you to instantly adapt yourself to anyone you meet 

·         Enhance your natural communication skills to your best advantage 

How To Create Rapport

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 Relationships CD's & Books

The Relationship Puzzle

Personality and communication plays a huge role in the success of a relationship and this book explains exactly how the personalities interact with each other.

  • Discover the four basic communication styles
  • Included survey reveals your preferred style
  • Learn how each style views relationships
  • Uncover how each style interacts with the others
  • Find out how to communicate most effectively with the other styles
  • Specific dating advice for each style

 The Relationship Puzzle

Immediate Download PDF

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Nine Habits Of Great Relationships

If "real life" is getting in the way of your relationship, use these nine habits to get the spark back. You've done it in the past and you can do it again. Success is a habit and these nine habits come from studying couples with outstanding relationships... and now you can make them yours. Here are the 9 habits:

  1. Be Grateful For Your Relationship
  2. Put Your Relationship First
  3. Associate Your Partner With Pleasure
  4. Be Fully Present In Your Relationship
  5. Communicate With Your Partner In Their PLM
  6. Elicit Your Partner's Values
  7. Smile And Laugh Together
  8. Openly Express Your Positive Feelings About Your Relationship
  9. Find New Things To Do Together

Some of these might seem impossible, but I'll show you exactly how to do it and even give you a workbook that you can use to guide you on your journey.

Just using one or two of these will make a dramatic improvement in any intimate relationship!

Nine Habits Of Great Relationships

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The Path To Forgiveness

Isn't It Time To Let Go And Live Again?

Includes my exclusive walk through the path of forgiveness, a twenty minute closed-eye process that reveals your choices and gives you the power you need to make a decision that will change your life forever!

Welcome To The Life You Deserve!

If you have been offended or hurt by someone in the past and are struggling to let go and live the life that you deserve, this program will show you how.

  • How unforgiveness hurts you
  • How to regain control of your emotions and life
  • What keeps us from forgiving even if we know we should
  • Exactly how to forgive someone
  • How to forgive yourself
  • What to do if you have offended someone else
  • How to apologize if you need to

The Path To Forgiveness

Downloadable Audio

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Conflict 911

Understanding and Resolving Conflict  

Is a conflict with a loved one, co-worker, boss or employee stressing you out? 

If you’re dealing with conflicts you may feel accustomed to awkward silences, tension, and anxiety instead of peace. You might even be “taking your work home with you” and thinking about disagreements and arguments even when you’re off the clock. Worrying may even feel “normal” to you by now, but let me assure you, it is not normal. 

A life without the burdens of business conflict starts right now. Here’s what’s included in the Conflict 911 course: 

·         The 14 Causes Of Conflict. You’ll be shocked by how much easier resolving conflict becomes when you can instantly categorize the “type” of conflict. You’ll immediately know the factors agitating the conflict and the proper steps to resolving it quickly. 

·         The Reason Behind 60% - 70% Of Conflicts and what to do about it. Armed with this powerful knowledge there will be no conflict you can’t see the root of and solve in a matter that benefits you, your employees or coworkers, your business, and your life. 

·         The “Keys To The Kingdom”. Why people with identical values still get into conflicts, and how to resolve these types of conflicts in 3 simple yet actionable steps. This method of conflict resolution ensures that all parties are fully satisfied and that their greatest needs are met – a truly powerful system and highly desirable outcome you’ve got to check out. 

·         The Seven Words that will give you intimate knowledge of what’s truly inside the hearts and minds of your coworkers, employees, or those you with whom are in conflict. It is only with these words that you are guaranteed to better understand the situation and are guaranteed to find the most satisfying resolution for all parties involved. 

·         Solving Conflicting Beliefs. You probably already know that when two people have different beliefs, conflict seems inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s easier than you think to take positive action towards empowering beliefs that lead to harmony and resolved conflict, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it step-by-step. 

Conflict Resolution Training

Online Video + Workbook

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Business Strategies

Managing Remote Teams

Turning Distance to Your Advantage 

In today’s technologically advanced economy, it is increasingly likely that you will have team members who do not work in the same physical location as each other . Research reveals that even small levels of dispersion (same office different floor!) can quickly have a major impact on performance unless management takes specific steps to compensate for the negative impact of the dispersion. In this audio video program you will learn: 

·         The best solution to problems caused by time zones and how to negotiate limits on availability 

·         How to overcome the communication challenges faced by remote teams including the pros and cons of the growing number of free services available 

·         The five strengths that a remote leader must have in addition to their other leadership skills 

·         Proven strategies for getting the most out of email including strategies that make sure that you get a prompt reply to crucial messages 

·         A nine step plan for successfully managing your remote teams 

Distance magnifies everything… both positive and negative. 

 How to Manage Remote Teams

Online Video

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Negotiating For Success

Getting More of What You Want 

Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly negotiating to get what you want in life. Whether the negotiation is informal and without preparation, or anticipated this course will give you an invaluable set of tools to get more of what you want out of life… and leave the other party feeling good about the outcome. 

Join Paul Endress and master negotiator Roger Dawson for this two hour audio / video program where you will learn:  

·         The major cause of failure in negotiation and how you can avoid it 

·         How to create currencies that allow you to trade low value items for high value concessions 

·         How to accurately use and read non-verbal cues to find out what is really going on. Extensive pictures and video included. Bonus: Using the flinch and raised eyebrow to get instant concessions. 

·         Roger’s one phrase that will make you money every time you use it 

·         How to effectively use the magic of the “vague higher authority” to make the other party give you want you want 

·         How to implement tactics such as: Never say yes, making numbers appear to be larger or smaller, reciprocal concessions, and why you must always ask for more even when you think the deal is fair 

Negotiating For Success

Online Video + Bonus Interview

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Problem Solving and Decision Making Strategies

Finding Certainty In A Complicated World 

As our business and personal lives become more complicated we are forced to make decisions quickly and without having sufficient information. Sometimes the answer to a problem is obvious, but many times all of the choices appear to be equally bad or equally good. In this one hour audio/video program you will learn: 

·         How to accurately identify and define problems 

·         The major cause of bad decisions and how to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap 

·         The five types of decisions and what to do in each situation 

·         Proven ways to use brainstorming to discover solutions when none exist 

·         How to uncover and use values to get absolute certainty with difficult decisions 

·         A completely analytical method that simplifies complicated decisions even if there are numerous choices and stakeholders 

A problem is a gap between actual and ideal conditions. A decision is a choice between alternate solutions to a problem. 

Problem Solving Strategies And Decision Making Strategies

Online Video

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