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Effective Communication Strategies

Based upon our years of research and our experience with thousands of people, here are our top strategies for effective communication.

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The result of the communication is the responsibility of the communicator.

If your don't understand the content of this web site or one of my workshops, it's my fault.

If others don't understand you, it's your fault. When you adopt this belief, and take responsibility for your results it will instantly multiply your effectiveness.  Read more...

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The unconscious mind is your most important ally.

Research shows that 93% of communication happens at the unconscious level. Learn how to effectively read and transmit correct voice tones and body language to become a superior communicator.

This two minute video demonstrates exactly how non verbal communication works.

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It's not about you.

Our tendency is to talk about ourselves, but the most effective approach is to talk about what interests others.

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If it isn't working try something else.

Remember... the responsibility is yours. If your' re not getting your message across, try something different. And if that doesn't work, try something else until you find what works. Our communication training programs will reduce the amount of experimentation required.

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Communication can change reality.

Advertisers spent over $165 Billion dollars to change your reality last year... and they didn't do it because they had nothing else to do with the money! You can use these same techniques to your advantage. Here's an example of how to use "social proof" to change reality.

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Every action has a positive intention.

Even things that bring seemingly negative results (like drug addictions and anger) are fulfilling a need from the perspective of the person doing them. The key is to understand the other person's perspective and then provide them with a better way of achieving their desired result.

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It's more important to be successful than to be right.

Even if you don't like what you have to do to be a successful communicator... even if it's not "fair", do it any way (as long as it's ethical and moral) and enjoy the results. Remember... the responsibility for a successful communication is yours.

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