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Communication Course

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Here's What You Will Learn

Why communication fails... and exactly what to do about it.
The four communication styles. You will find your style and learn how to find the styles of others... and them how to get everyone to understand each other.
How to quickly craft messages that people instantly understand at an unconscious level
How to use the unconscious mind as your greatest ally.
The secrets of non-verbal communication and body language.
How to create questions that instantly transfer your ideas to others without resistance.
How to listen effectively and understand what others are really saying.
How to calibrate someone and find out if they are lying.
The three major types of communication filters that people use and how to turn them to your advantage.

What's Included

Two days of live, interactive training complete with exercises that make sure you understand everything before you leave.
Continental breakfast and lunch each day.
Customized workbook that you can take home with you.
Question and answer sessions with communication authority Paul Endress.
Certificate of completion.

Communication Seminar Dates And Locations

 Houston TX

October 14 & 15, 2013

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Calgary AB, Canada

October 29 & 30, 2013

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 Note: These events are produced by the Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education.
You will be taken to their website to register.